Closed from April 11, 2021 to June 25, 2021

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From Ford Hall Parking Lot

Walk up the staircase on the right side (furthest from the entrance) of the parking structure. The staircase will lead you to an escalator & another staircase going down, take either one down to the main level of the village and turn left. Hooked is located right behind Roxy clothing store on your left hand side.

From Villa Montane Parking Lot

Walk to the main village elevator located to the right when first entering the parking structure. Take either elevator up to level M*. Upon exiting the elevator walk towards art galleries which will lead you down a walkway. Once you have reached the end of the walkway you will be directly in front of the ice-rink, take a right and walk around to the end of the ice-rink and look straight ahead. Hooked is located in-between Roxy clothing store and The Golden Eagle Inn.

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